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  • Claire Sheehan

My word of the year and 3 reasons I chose it

Delight painting

Every year for the last few years I have chosen myself a word to take through the year. Rather than a resolution, this word is for me an intention to bring certain qualities into my life. In the past I have chosen my words by thinking about what I needed in that moment, given what had come before, and with the light of knowledge of any things I had where it may be relevant for the upcoming year and any personal or business projects I wanted to bring into being.

Some of these words are still resonating with me, such as "Believe" which I chose a couple of years back but became pretty much a continued word through 2017, to learn to a little better to believe that I can do these things I set out to do.

This year my word of the year is "DELIGHT". I've been sitting with this as I wanted to know in my heart that this was my right word for 2017. Here are 3 of the reasons I've chosen Delight as my word of 2018.

I want to enjoy this journey of becoming...artist, coach, writer....businesswoman.

One of the things which gave me the biggest pause last year was my husband in a discussion

about the next few years reflecting "I thought you'd be enjoying it more..." Where it was the whole piece of being an artist, claiming my space, making my own way. It gave me a huge WOW moment. After all, it's a very lucky and blessed space to be in, to use my own talents and creativities to bring in money. is the block! I'd been feeling a sense that as it hadn't worked in the past, it wouldn't succeed this time. That I would "end up" having a job and therefore I was spending all my time worrying about whether it would work or not. So this year I'm definitely making space for enjoying the journey, rather than spending all my time worrying about things!

I want my work to add delight

I love reading reviews from my happy customers on Etsy, when they tell me what they loved about what they bought from me. I love knowing my work sends happiness into the universe, and that it also adds that element of inspiration or being uplifted, as well as being giftable. I want to explore more about what it means for me to bring delight into the world through the work I do as an artist.

I want to be more mindful of creating and seeing delight in the everyday.

The day to day can feel tough, and that's why I love creating moments of joy in my work but also taking the time to slow down more this year, less time on social media and more time creating and noticing delight for us as a family, and the individuals within our family unit. My boys are so good at showing their delight - that's something I want to be mindful of this year to help them find more things that they love to do and which just light them up with happiness.

If you want your own visual representation of your word of the year, please do get in touch as I can create a commission piece for you. Simply contact me by my ETSY page and send me a conversation and we can go from there!

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