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  • Claire Sheehan

Planning an awesome 2018 at CSheehanArt

I’m at the time of year which is busy for me – orders for Christmas gifts, preparing and attending local events selling my artwork, and planning for my own Christmas. Yet it is also a great time to start thinking about what 2018 has in store for me from a business perspective and I have two main events which are kick starting this for me.

(You can buy your own vision and goals notebook in my etsy store here- A5 blank inside)

This week I’m going to be attending Janet Murray’s Your Year in PR in London, a full day workshop on looking at what content to create for 2018. I’ve been a huge fan of Janet’s since I discovered her this year – her free content online is amazing (check out her website Soulful PR - information there about her blog, and her podcast – I don’t even really like receiving information via audio but it’s so good that I often listen to it both at home and on the way to pick up the boys from school!) and she also has a great Twitter hour on a Sunday 8-9pm. I’ve high expectations of the quality of the content I will receive on Thursday.

It’s been a busy year here at CSheehanArt and I’m excited about the progress I have made – and even more excited about where I can go with things in 2018 with a more structured plan in place that brings together my artwork and coaching and workshops. I coached before I had children and now I’m excited to pick this side back up – starting the year strong with a vision for where and how I can add value will help so much with that.

I will be following this up with my own vision board workshop the week after – one of the big things I have been learning about myself is that it’s most important for me to make the space to follow through on the things which are important for me. Otherwise the intention is good, but the results are poor – so I’ve got my vision board workshop planned for the week after to take a step back, and create and breathe life into the vision of what products and services I will be bringing to the world in 2018 and beyond. My setting my intention to create time out for what’s important I know I can start to see real results.

On the day I’m looking forwards to connecting with other business owners – I love being able to bounce ideas off people and gain a different perspective. I’m excited about the idea of coming home with ideas of how to plan my content effectively – it’s usually written on the fly at the moment rather than planned in advance. I know if I get more effective at this it will not only be good for my business but also be good for the people I am writing for – there will be more of a flow to my work and it will add more value back as well hopefully into the art products I make and the coaching and workshops I design. Once I’ve got some ideas I’d love to get feedback from you about what is most important to you – my aim is to create content that is both useful and allows you to take a breath and step back and enjoy the content.

On a personal level I’m balancing preparing for my fairs over the next few weeks and looking after my own self care – I can sometimes over do things when I go to London for the day, and I know I’ll get most out of the day by being aware of this and curtailing my usual need to overdo things! So I’ll be being aware of my social media and phone use, enjoying the opportunity to get out and meet some new and interesting people, and looking at my own energy levels including planning my trip in advance and getting plenty of fresh air and fuel via snacks and lunch).

You can also follow along with the day if you’re interested via the twitter hashtag #YYIPR17. And if you’re going? Let me know by connecting on Social media – I’d love to say hello on the day!

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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