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  • Claire Sheehan


I just picked up this new magazine, Moments. I love any magazines which make me feel like they are going to give me a little insight into that slower, calmer life I desire - and which can be elusive with twins!

At the moment the boys go to nursery on a Friday afternoon, so when I've done all my other jobs and work, I love this opportunity to sit down with a cup of tea and a lovely magazine like this.

What I loved about this was the focus on the little things, living by taking on small goals that add up to a lot of difference. As I'm building my art portfolio, and building up selling my artwork, I can sometimes feel a little frustrated (a lot!) that things aren't happening at the speed I would like them to. I need to remind myself of how far I have come already. The progress I have made. And how much all those small pots of time can add up when I do something with them.

If you love tips on mindfulness, inspirational stories, and feeling relaxed, happy and motivated I'm sure you'd like this too!

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