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  • Claire Sheehan

2019 - my year of choosing JOY

One of the biggest things that made an impact on my thinking in the last couple of years was a conversation with my husband, where he shared that he was surprised I wasn't enjoying the journey more of working for myself and being an artist.

choosing joy

Wow. Sometimes things just stop and hit you between the eyes. What was this? I was so busy focusing on the fact it may not work and I may have to get a job and all the fears of was I good enough and would I make it and what if it didn't, I didn't have any space left for the journey of who I was becoming, what gifts that meant I could share with the world, and how I could enjoy this new path.

(word of the year ring from How Fine designs here)

The truth is, I always felt a little bit like the good stuff kind of happened by accident or in spite of myself. Well, I'm fed up of telling myself that story. I am fed up of beating myself up about whether I can do things and whether I am good enough and it being or feeling SO.Hard. All.the.time.

So this year I am choosing JOY.

Even the word brings me a little spurt of happiness somewhere deep within me.

According to the dictionary, Joy is "a feeling of great pleasure or happiness" and the verb is REJOICE.

So this year I am using JOY as both my guide and my filter when I look at what I want to do, who I want to be and how I want to show up in the world and share my gifts.

joy print by csheehanart

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How does or can what I do, bring JOY to others?

How do I find joy in the little things, on the days I do feel doubtful and a bit scared and when it is not working exactly as I hoped it would?

What would be the most joyful choice I could make right now?

Which choice will bring me most joy?

Who brings me joy?

What brings me joy?

When do I feel joy?

How often do I feel joy? And how do I feel joy more often?

What does it mean to do work that brings me JOY?

What does it mean to be more joyful as a mother?

So many questions gives me a great sense of opportunity.

If you've got a word of the year I would love to hear it! Pop over to any of my social media and tell me more. If you'd like to explore your word further with coaching, then please do contact me to discuss coaching which I can offer via ZOOM.

I'm also running a vision boar workshop on January 25 in Chalkwell, Essex - find out more and sign up here.

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