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  • Claire Sheehan

Why I carpe the Kairos as a parent - it's not about every moment

I think one of the things that can be wearing as a parent is the belief that every moment is a milestone, precious and you must be right in the middle of it. Well, that sounds great and yes I'd love to think I'm that mindful. But really? I'm not. And I don't know that many people who are. Parenting, when all is said and done, is hard.

Harder than you think when you have a vague feeling you'd like a little one. And full of repetitive things. And lots of things you never thought you'd find yourself doing or saying.

And yes it is absolutely full of joyful moments, moments that happen spontaneously, moments you seek to create and capture, and moments that come out of nowhere.

I didn't really have the language for this until I read this amazing article by Glennon Doyle over at Momastery "Don't carpe diem"

Glennon talks about the challenge of being told you should enjoy every single moment because they grow up so fast, when its a reality that there are plenty of moments which just don't feel like fun in the moment. Do you really want to carpe and seize on all those moments? It's not a failure to say it's hard. It's not a failure to say there are some parts that are less fun.

I love the distinction Glennon makes between chronos - chronological time and Kairos time "those magical moments where time can stand still. I have a few of those moments each day and I cherish them".

They're the moments you stop and really look. The moments that get you through the hard stuff. The moments you save up to tell your other half when he comes back from work. The moments that make you laugh out loud or sometimes cry in the bestest of ways.

Yes. I'd like more of those moments please.

More of the work I am making these days is about these Kairos, magical moments that we create and encourage in our families and in our children. It's finding the fun in the every day. It is for me all about adding a little sparkle and magic and wow to something you might be doing anyway.

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