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  • Claire Sheehan

Introducing the CSheehanArt Life is Beautiful Collection

I am very excited to introduce the new Life is Beautiful Range launching today. This is the first full collection I have launched and I am so pleased to be able to share it with you after all the sneak peeks on social media! It's already had an unofficial launch at a local artisan fair to great feedback so I am glad I can now bring this online to a wider audience.

Life is beautiful...let's celebrate the small moments

As you may know my aim is to create beautiful gifts and stationery focused around subjects and values I hold dear - selfcare, mindfulness, gratitude and positive, joyful affirmations. This collection brings together these values from my life and coaching background and my creative side and the aim of the design is to create a pretty range that brings together gifting and functionality.

As a Mum to twin boys I know how easy it can be to lose sight of the little things that make life beautiful in what can feel like a treadmill to get things done and onto the next stage. It can be hard to slow down and relax - when I've asked about who we buy for, it is a common theme that we buy for others before ourselves. This collection is for YOU - whether you buy for yourself or for your best chum. It's all about pretty, summery colours, hearts and florals, and bringing those themes into lovely words that as we use the gifts and stationery, help act as our reminder and affirm to us that life is beautiful. All we have to do is look around our world and see it, and make time for it.

What's in the collection?

There is something for everyone in the collection with the range varying from single cards and keyrings, badges and fridge magnets under £5, to gift sets, journals and a tote bag set. I've chosen items which we can bring with us or choose to use to beautify the daily act of being mindful, present or taking better care of ourselves.

To find out more pop over to my Etsy Shop to view the whole collection, a few items are detailed below to introduce the range. This link will take you direct to the full life is beautiful range.

Mindful Colouring

Introducing the journal, colouring pages, and zip pouch which can be used as a pencil case. This is also available individually or as a set of the three.

Organise, plan and prepare in a more beautiful way

Introducing the notepad collection - an A4 planner, an a6 notepad designed to help you identify one selfcare item to focus on each week, and a "love to do list" which has to be more fun than all the tasks you're putting off!


A tote bag set, keyrings and badges.

New - gift sets

Today also sees the introduction of 3 beautiful gift sets, one for mindfulness, one for selfcare and one for thankfulness. They are designed to help you focus on mindful activities and act as reminders of the beautiful. You can go direct to check out the gift sets here

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