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I've always had a huge interest in self development and can remember devouring coaching and other development books from being a teenager. I'm fascinated by our human desire to transform ourselves and reach our full potential.

An interest in coaching led me to being coached when I was wondering myself "what's next" after leaving retail, my first job after leaving university. Although I was  high achiever at school work, I found myself questioning a lot of other things and coaching felt like a perfect fit to have a very safe, perfectly designed space to lean into these questions.

I worked on some big goals and made some personal changes - and also learnt that we bring ourselves wherever we go. Working on myself would be an ongoing unfolding, rather than a one off task. I've returned to coaching and mentors again and again when looking to make significant changes in my own life.


I enjoyed the space that coaching gave me personally so much I soon decided to train as a coach and took several coaching courses to broaden my knowledge, also qualifying as a coach supervisor over the course of several years. In my later time working as a coach I also offered social media coaching which led to me working as a social media manager in a large organisation, and supporting teams and managers across the business learn how to integrate and use a social approach to listening, problem solving and engagement.


When I work with a coaching client we work first on setting up the contract to create the safe space of working together - ensuring confidentiality, boundaries and discussing the core needs of the coaching arrangement. We start with a broad overview of where the client is starting from. Before each session we start with focusing in on this moment, collecting ourselves and becoming fully present in the gift of the time to work on ourselves, our goals, aspirations and dreams. Our time together is fully focused on using coaching and questions to discover new perspectives, let go of old ideas and bring in the new. We work on what will positively set the scene and the habits needed to successfully align with the choices you have made as a result of the coaching session, and then design actions that will keep you moving in the right direction.

I know from personal experience that sometimes coaching goals are big, and sometimes they are small. Whatever it is you bring to the coaching table, we work together in this space just for you to make progress on your goals a reality.


Interested in coaching? I work via phone so I can coach globally. Please contact me to discuss

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