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Welcome to my little corner of the internet - I am SO glad you are here.I'm Claire, founder of CSheehanArt and creator of lovely things for lovely people. I love to create cards and gifts that are lovely treats for whoever you are buying them for - you, your loved ones, special people and all the occasions that bring you close together and bring you a little bit of calm, kindness, love and joy in this busy world we live in.So grab a cuppa, have a look around and a restful moment whilst you're here. I'm all about self kindness, and surrounding yourself with lovely things - and pink as you will notice! 

Lovely things for your lovely people
 (and yes - that includes you!)

Choosing Self Kindness Card deck lifestyle.jpg

Danielle, Etsy

The Choosing Self Kindness cards are as lovely and delicately designed as expected, having purchased many wonderful designs from Claire before.
The parcel was beautifully and carefully wrapped, ready to give as a gift. I pre-ordered the card pack and Claire kept me up-to-date on their progress. I receive my parcel on time, just as predicted.
I couldn't be happier with this card deck and I highly recommend CSheehanArt and all Claire's wonderful illustrations.

Etsy customer, Choosing Self Kindness Deck

Gorgeous quality cards with lovely illustrations, thoughts and affirmations. So happy with them

Sue, Etsy Customer

Beautiful cards, the artwork, the affirmations and a great instruction card on how best to use these cards.
I am thrilled with them, beautifully presented too, these cards will definitely be a great support on my journey to self care, fabulous
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