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Self kindness is your unique fingerprint - a self kindness Blessing

How self kindness is like a finger print

May your self kindness be above all, just right for you in

each moment that you practice it.

Each time you choose you, you choose what you need

not what you think you need or what I think you should do or what

society thinks you should do.

May your individuality shine through your approach to choosing what you need today.

Whether it is a rest or a dance around the living room

or to do something prosaic and small and practical

that takes you just one teensy tiny small step forwards.

May you know it is perfectly right to trust your own heart for what you need,

to see the wonder in how we each have our

own fingerprints, history, makeup and approach

And still.

Are here to reach out to each other with love and compassion for what we all need.

May you be a friend to yourself today and bless yourself with love and what

you need this day.

May you remember to practice self kindness as often as you need

and as much as you want, until

it is as much a part of ou as the beat of your own heart and the uniqueness of your


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